The global leader in lottery software

Lotto Wheels Pro is the number one lottery wheeling software.  With Lotto Wheels Pro you can cover more numbers with fewer games giving you the best possible odds of winning.
Trusted by thousands of lottery players worldwide Lotto Wheels Pro is your software of choice.
If you aren't familiar with lotto wheels click here to find out all about them.

absolute simplicity

Lotto Wheels Pro is so easy to use with just 3 steps to creating your wheel.

1. Select your numbers by clicking them on the numbers grid
2. Select your wheel type
3. Click the Wheel button and your games are instantly generated

play your lottery for less

Lotto Wheels Pro wheels are optimised so you play the least number of games possible to cover your numbers.  Here is a couple of quick examples.

Pick 6 Lotto - Wheel 12 numbers - Guarantee at least 4 matches - Play just 6 games
Pick 6 Lotto - Wheel 20 numbers - Guarantee at least 3 matches - Play just 10 games